Your July Calendars are now here!

Good Afternoon everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying the summer so far. I know I am!

We are about to enter July, and therefore I have prepared my brand new members only training calendars for you all. We are growing together and I appreciate every single one of you so much! 

July Flexibility Calendar
July Martial arts Calendar
July Access All Areas

Let’s train hard together, motivate one another and get the hard work done. 
Feel free to share the Calendar with a friend also. 😀

What’s happening in July
I am getting married this month, so as you can imagine things are a little crazy over here whilst we prep for our big day. I have decided that in the lead up to the wedding I will be taking a break from Live classes this month. However there will still be new weekly videos for you to enjoy, and this doesn’t mean your practice needs to stop. There are over 200 on-demand classes for you to take part in and if you don’t know where to start follow the July Calendars that I have just prepped for you. I am also still at the other end of an email or message.

If you are not a member at present, registration is currently open. Check out more info and how to register here!

I cannot wait to see you all on the mats! 

Chloe 💫

#TeamCBA #ChloeBruceAcademy

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