Members spotlight – Katrina Bodlée

Every Month the CBA shines a spotlight on one of our incredible members of the Chloe Bruce Academy! A dedicated member who exemplifies dedication, passion, and perseverance within their martial arts journey. From inspiring stories to remarkable achievements, our Member Spotlight is all about celebrating the diverse talents and journeys within our Team CB!
This months spotlight is none other than the incredible Katrina Bodlée

1. Hi Katrina, could you please introduce yourself? tell us where you are from, and a little about your martial arts background; When did you begin practicing and what made you start? 
My name is Katrina Bodlée, I am 16 years old and I live in Germany near Stuttgart . I am currently still a student attending high school. At the age of 7 I started karate in our local martial arts club, which is part of the German Karate Association. For 6 years I attended training regularly, took part in advanced training courses and belt tests. Because of the pressure to achieve a higher belt in the karate club, I lost enjoyment of martial arts, which led me to eventually stop practicing karate. After a short time I realized that I missed martial arts but wanted to continue practicing it without pressure and competitions. I attended self-defense classes and participated in an online Krav Maga course. During the Corona pandemic I discovered videos of bo staff fighting online. I quickly learned various punch combinations, spins and rotations through bo staff tutorials. I immediately enjoyed trying out the different tricks and my basics were quickly established through daily training. Soon I couldn’t find any new tutorials, which led me to discover the Chloe Bruce Academy. First I took part in a bo staff course from Chloe and quickly realized that I would learn a lot in the academy. I registered directly as a member of the Academy. 

2. What is one piece of advice you received from your previous master(s) that will always stick with you?
A trainer once said before a training session that karate should only ever be used for self-defense. I believe this principle is always important to keep in mind, no matter what martial art you practice. 

3. What would you say are your greatest strengths in your practice?
I think one of my greatest strengths is my ability to quickly learn new combinations and new tricks, especially in bo staff. I try to pay attention to my posture and optimise punches and kicks powerfully. 

4. How would you say Martial Arts has impacted your life?
Bo staff, in particular, provides me with a respite from everyday life and clears my mind. It may sound strange, but when I perform a bo staff rotation for a few minutes, it feels like entering a light meditation, making me feel more energized. Martial arts helps me approach situations with a calmer mindset and feel physically resilient. 

5. Do you have any specific goals or things you hope to accomplish in this coming year? 
This year, my goal is to achieve higher kicks through flexibility and strength. Additionally, I would like to learn combinations in bo staff with step sequences and kicking. I look forward to participating in online courses offered by the CBA and the progress I will make. 

6. What are the main things you love about the Chloe Bruce Academy? 
What I particularly appreciate about the CBA is the felxibility to train individually. There are options for every level of experience and you can adjust the difficulty level as needed.  I enjoy the global community aspect and getting to know fellow members better, especially through online courses. I’m also impressed by the variety of training methods. I never thought I would enjoy a Flexy Flow course so much. And last but not least, Chloe herself, who always motivates you and pushes you forward. Thank you! 😉 

7. Some advice you would give to someone just starting out in Martial arts? 
I believe it’s important to train with enjoyment and explore different martial arts to discover where your interests lie and where you feel most comfortable. 

Thankyou so much Katrina, you are such an inspiration, especially still being so young! If you would like to check out Katrina’s social media accounts please click below.

Instagram: katlynxbo

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