Members spotlight – Joshua Weible

Every Month the CBA shines a spotlight on one of our incredible members of the Chloe Bruce Academy! A dedicated member who exemplifies dedication, passion, and perseverance within their martial arts journey. From inspiring stories to remarkable achievements, our Member Spotlight is all about celebrating the diverse talents and journeys within our Team CB!
This months spotlight is none other than the incredible Joshua Weible.

1. Hi Joshua, could you please introduce yourself? tell us where you are from, and a little about your martial arts background; When did you begin practicing and what made you start? 
My name is Joshua Weible, and I am a 4th grade teacher in the Oregon desert. I grew up on Oahu, Hawaii, where I went to school. I did not have a desire to learn martial arts until I went to college in Oregon. A family I moved in with was doing taekwondo at a local school and I got hooked. The students and instructors became an extended family, and the physical and mental training I received was amazing. I started in Soaring Phoenix in 2016. Since then I moved to Burns to teach and start my own school Rising Phoenix. We have been growing ever since! 

2. What style are you predominantly trained in and what belt?
I have trained predominantly in Taekwondo and am currently a 3rd Dan. 

3. What would you say are your greatest strengths in your practice?
My greatest strength in my practice would be my form. I enjoy making sure to chamber well for kicks and strikes and be in good stances throughout my forms. 

4. How would you say Martial Arts has impacted your life?
Martial Arts has greatly impacted my life for the better! I enjoy the self focus I can have in bettering myself, physically and mentally. Since I moved to Newberg I have continued to focus on myself, and have added the challenge of teaching others. My school has been a great family that has supported each other through Covid. We adjusted with what was needed and it helped give me purpose in continuing to work out during the pandemic. My life revolves even more strongly around taekwondo as the years progress since I started. I love martial arts and the menal control I have gained and worked on!

5. Do you have any specific goals or things you hope to accomplish in this coming year? 
I am aiming to test for my 4th Dan in May. I have been training hard to make sure I am ready and that I feel I truly earned the belt. This along with continuing to grow the school and support the community are the goals I would most like to accomplish!

6. What are the main things you love about the Chloe Bruce Academy? 
Two things I have really loved are the classes and Chloe herself! The biggest problem of where I live is that I do not have schools around me I can easily train at. A lot of my training happens online.Chloe Bruce Academy offers a lot of different classes for me to do when I am able to. I have recently started the Tang Soo Do White belt course and am enjoying it. I have also done the flexibility courses for kicks and mobility amongst other courses. Chole has been a great instructor, willing to help us all learn! I have enjoyed the group’s live classes that I have been able to do with her. She, through her app, allows for a lot of training to occur that would be hard to get in the location I live now!

7. Some advice you would give to someone just starting out in Martial arts? 
Focus on the basics! Although the repetition and easiness of the beginning moves may make you want to move onto the next harder thing. It is important to remember to work on the basic stances, kicks and strikes techniques as you will need a strong base to do the more complex moves and forms.

Thankyou so much Joshua, you are such an inspiration! If you would like to check out Joshua’s dojo or social media accounts please click below.

Website: Rising Phoenix

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