Tang Soo Do Yellow belt Syllabus

Following on from the White Belt Tang Soo Do Syllabus, please check out this progression to yellow belt.  This is for the Grading syllabus and the ne…


Hello Team CB! Are you ready to join me for the next 12 days as we work through 3 mat workouts, 3 yoga Flows, 3 x pilates workouts a…

Tang Soo Do White belt Syllabus

With Chloe's background being in Tang Soo Do, please check out this white belt grading syllabus and the foundations of this Korean art.


Hello Team CB! Are you ready to join me for the next 10 days as we work through 5 workouts, 2 Flexy Flows and 3 mobility routines? �…

KickPad Workouts

Join Chloe on her kickpad workouts. Hit Play and let Chloe lead the workout for you!

Front Splits

Chloe is here to help you to get your front splits. This will be a VERY REWARDING journey 🔥

Warm ups for Martial artists

Want to warm up before working out? Try one of my warm up routines that will get you ready for any workout lying ahead of you!

Flexy Flow Series

This is a playlist made up of all of our live classes throughout September's Flexy Flow Series. A gentle full body stretch suitable for all levels. J…


A Stances, and Footwork program to really jazz up your footwork!