Intermediate Bo Staff Master Course

Have you got a little bo knowledge but want to start integrating more difficulty into your practice? Or want to add more advance combinations in to your forms?

My intermediate Bo Course is a complete follow on to my beginner course and will take your knowledge and skills to that next level!

December 1, 2023
7:00am Greenwich Mean Time

What to expect

  • Gain confidence when manipulating the bo staff
  • Start developing your own style with the Bo
  • Learn More in-depth strikes and strike combo's
  • Learn how to start doing body rolls.
  • Learn how to start throwing the bo
  • Learn 2 complex bo staff combinations!

Discount code

I will be sending out a discount code to the first 20 subscribers and they will get a 25% discount on the course.

So do not miss out on this opportunity.

Chloe Bruce

"I have taught hundreds of thousands of people Worldwide and know first hand the struggles people have to face to get to World class level. This is why the Academy was born!"

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