Bo Staff beginner Master Course


If you are passionate about learning a new weapon or improving the bo skillset already had. If you are willing to put the work in, this program will give you all the ingredients to be able to start spinning the bo fluently today!


I’ve been working very hard in the background to bring you the ultimate Bo Staff Beginner Master Course…
Have you ever wondered how to do the Bo Staff, but not known where to start? How to choose your very own bo staff? Or maybe you’re looking to jazz up the skills you already have?  
I’ve got you!

This is the first of my on-demand bo courses, that is for absolute beginners. Going from the basics on how to choose your own bo, learning different grip variations, mobility drills for your shoulders, forearms and wrists and a full warm up getting your body prepped in the best way for these sessions!

Better yet, you get lifetime access to the course, to come back to and study over and over again.