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Chloe’s quick cool down

Chloes quick cool down, is perfect to do after any form of exercise. It targets the full body, and will give your body a great way of cooling down naturally to avoid Doms (delayed onset muscle soreness). This 7 minute…

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Recovery workout

Here you will find a muscle recovery video. It's an 18 minute video with follow along exercises to enable you to fully massage deep into your muscles using a foam roller. If you've never used a foam roller before, I…

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The ultimate Warm up

This Ultimate warm up video, will get the blood pumping and prepare you for any workout coming your way! What is a warm up? A warm up is such an important part of any athletic event or workout.  By exercising…

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KickFit Free Workouts

If you’re running out of time to exercise today, you should probably just skip it, right? Wrong! You can really reap the benefits of working out with a session as short as five minutes. You read that correctly: five minutes…

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