Stay on top of your goals, year round

Beyond New Year, how do you set goals that you can stay on top of all year round?

Having just entered the New Year, it is a great time to reflect and make a new start. Resolutions are exciting things to think about and most of us, no doubt, have many new ideas and goals that we are hoping to smash our way through in 2021. But staying on top of them is such an important thing to enable us to stay motivated, and make progress forward.
I often get messaged asking how I stay so motivated, and the answer to that is pretty simple. I stay focused. So below I am going to give you my secrets on how I stay focused, even when some of my Long Term goals seem so unreachable. Make sure they are YOUR GOALS – One of the easiest ways of staying focused and motivated is by setting goals that YOU really want to ACHIEVE! Do not base your goals on what you think you should achieve, or what you are seeing others do. By going after what you truly want, and what makes you happy can make such a difference to your motivation.

Visualise your end result

Visualisation is so important, if you can visualize yourself succeeding, you have more chance of believing that you can do it! Create a visualisation board with your ideal home, car, family, assets, anything you would like. Then strive to make your visualisation your reality.

 Break Down your goals

Keeping motivated highly depends on a good self-reward system. In order to make this efficient, you need to break down your long-term results into shorter more manageable goals and tasks. These can be weekly, monthly, or even daily. By ticking off these smaller goals and taking a moment to reward yourself is enough to motivate you to keep pursuing your dreams.

Know your “WHY” 

Knowing what you want to achieve long term is so important. It can be what keeps you driven and motivated. When I was on the British Team, there were countless days when I didn’t want to go training. I wanted a day off, or I couldn’t find motivation. But knowing my WHY is what kept me going and drove me; I was training daily to be able to remain at the top, To retain my World Title.

Here are a few examples of a good “Why”:

  • Stretching daily in order to achieve my goal of touching down in middle or front splits this year!
  • Training 3 times a week because of the feel-good factor it has on my mind and my body.
  • Stepping into the unknown as a beginner because you want a new and exciting challenge.

Switch up your game plan

Learn to accept that change is good. No matter how much you love a sport or a hobby it is so easy to lose interest or switch off after a certain amount of time. You just have to learn to adapt and overcome to reinstall motivation, drive, and passion.
Over the years I have learned that I need to change up my game quite regularly and I thrive in doing so. Whether that be, the gym or the location in which I train. The people I train with, or what I am training in. But just by changing location to a new environment, surrounded by good energy, people who will push me, and some upbeat music playing is all I need for a pick me up!  

Take care of Number 1

Staying consistent with your goals and tasks is the number 1 way in which to stay on track. 
I was always told to show up even on days when you don’t feel your best. However, there is a difference between not having energy to show up,  and pushing your body to its limits. 
Ensure you are doing your best to give yourself a headstart by looking after yourself:

  • Aim for around 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Drink plenty of water. (2 liters per day is a great amount)
  • Eat a well-balanced diet. Opt for Fresh, healthy, well-nourished food. 
  • Give yourself regular breaks from anything you are doing. Sometimes its good to sit back, reflect and then attack from a different perspective!

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  1. Wow this is great information. I have never set for my self because of the fear of failure but I like the break down and reward system you describe. I also find my self encouraged to share this with my students. I think so many of them are going to benefit from setting goals for them selves. Thanks and happy new year’s
    Wesley Samosuk

    1. Thankyou so much for your feedback Wesley. Yes please feel free to share this with your students. Glad you appreciate the article. Happy new year to you also! ⭐️

  2. Thanks Chloe, fantastic tips, will try to fix some things.
    I have an unending list of things to complete from the last year, they are all carried forward into this year as well. Hope I get past them in the first quarter 🙂
    Wish you a very Happy New Year,

    1. You will do for sure! Just remember WHY you are setting these goals, and what the rewards will be when completed. Keep on making small steps! Good luck ?

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