Stretch and Flow.

Improve your mobility and Flexibility, even if you have never had a consistent stretching regime before!

We kick off March 20th 2023!

Stretch and Flow.

Improve your mobility and Flexibility, even if you have never had a consistent stretching regime before!

We kick off March 20th 2023!

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4 week yoga and flexibility course

Chloe will be teaching a 4 week Stretch & Flow course throughout Spring that will really give your body that almighty feel good factor you have been craving!
Unlike any course Chloe has done before, there will be 4 weeks of videos, lessons, and live online classes that will help you progress with your training or give you that kickstart you have always wanted to feel better with the stress of everyday tasks and daily activities. 
Better yet, you get access to the course for a lifetime!

Meet your trainer

Chloe Bruce

Your online Coach

Chloe is World renown for her flexibility. She has dedicated over 30 years to training and coaching and  is a qualified PT, yoga and pilates teacher. Her passion for teaching and helping others, is like no other. She will help you improve by taking your training totally out the box to unlock your body’s fullmovement potential!

We begin March 20th 2023!

This 4 week course, is just what you are looking for!

Not only will stretching improve your flexibility, which is an important factor when it comes down to performance and fitness, but stretching can help with your posture, alignment within the body and also reduce stress.
If you are new to regular stretching, remember to take it slow. Just like anything, your body needs to adapt to the stretches you are doing. You can stretch daily, after any physical activity or exercise, or once your muscles are warm.

Now, find a space in your home or workout space, sign up below, and let Chloe introduce you to a more flexible lifestyle starting TODAY!

What's included?

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Sign up before 8th March and get 15% off with Code: womensdayCBA

Real Results


Private Community

You gain access to the CB Academy private community whereby you can chat with like minded people from all over the World within the desktop or Mobile App version of the platform.

2 live class per week

There will be the ability to train live with Chloe in a zoom class twice a week. However, if you cannot make these, not to worry, you will be sent the live replay to watch back and go over in your own time.

Monthly training calendar

Follow along with the Spring-Stretch and Flow monthly training guide for a far-from-boring training schedule that’ll keep you interested—and keep your muscles guessing. Every day of the monthly workout plan is totally different to help maximise your results and avoid a progress plateau.

Nutritional advice

You will get the opportunity to do a live Zoom on the first week of the course with our in-house Nutritionist, Melanie. Who will be answering questions about optimising your nutrition to support the monthly training schedule.

Any Time

Any Where

Any Device



Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We all start somewhere. We welcome all levels of practice so you’ll feel right at home in our community.

Everyone will be sent the live recordings to download and keep. So whether you can make them or not, you will not miss out and can catch up in your own time. 

I will be teaching and communicating from a GMT Timezone. (British UK) The live classes will take place at 5:30pm GMT time.

With practice, you will notice your body getting stronger and more flexible. Yoga will also improve your posture. It can also help you develop increased mental focus and the ability to stay calm and maintain relaxed breathing.

We will meet with Chloe twice per week live over zoom. However there will be a stretch and flow library whereby you can stretch up to 5 days per week with 3 of those sessions being pre-recorded. 5 times per week is recommended to really reap the rewards of this course, however definitely not mandatory. You have access to this course for a lifetime, so you can up the training the more your body adapts and get used to the stretching. 

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