Signature Kicks Series


Ever wanted to kick like Chloe Bruce? If so, this online training program is a must! Chloe shares all of her secrets to learning her signature kicks!



Welcome to the Chloe Bruce signature kicks series!
Here you will gain access to my never seen before SIGNATURE KICK TUTORIALS and learn my top tips on how to do my specialty kicks!  Within this program, I will take you through a step-by-step process with every kick and break every kick down for you. This way, there will be no doubt at all, that by the time you have finished this package you will have a really good insight into the crazy kicks you have seen me do.
Don’t force anything, ease yourself into each kick, and remember, you don’t have to kick as high as I am in these tutorials, I am purely here to guide you.
Make sure you are warm before you take part in these lessons if you need a warm-up routine then why not try my Ultimate Warm up before you get started.