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Constructive Coaching


Have you ever wanted to get some expert advise, quick, on a specific move? Now is your chance!
I am offering you a new service, whereby you can submit a video of you performing a specific move or combination that you are struggling with, and I will give you 1 to 1 personal feedback and analysis on your moves within 48 hours!

A full description of this service is below.

(max file size 200 MB)

What is Constructive Coaching?

Here is your chance to get 1 to 1 professional help and advise from myself, Chloe.
You can submit me a video of up to 30 seconds long, and I will analyse your video, pointing out areas that need improvement.

  • You will get a video reply within 48 hours. With voice over analysis of your moves.
  • I will pause the video at certain points to talk about posture, or correction of your body position.
  • I will include any issues I have found as to why you are struggling with a specific move.
  • I will include a what to do list on the best ways to correct the underlying issue.
  • I will include recommendations to certain drills, or exercises to do, to enable better mobility within your moves.


Please note:

  • This service is only available for video submissions up to 30 seconds. Any videos over that time will only get feedback on the first 30 seconds!
  • For best video advise, please try to send your video with you doing the move from 2 different angels.
  • Send your video in MOV format
  • Max file size is 200mb
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