21 Day Flexibility Challenge


Are you looking to increase your flexibility and mobility? If yes you have to try this challenge!  Designed for beginners, right through to Elite athletes. A great program to introduce you to consistency and stretching on a regular basis.


The most comprehensive stretching program to improve flexibility & mobility.
Flexibility and kicking Queen of the martial arts World, Chloe bruce, has created this 21-day flexibility program, with 3 weeks of follow-along routines, focusing on a different body part or area every day.
Whether you’re new to stretching, an athlete, martial artist, or a professional dancer – this flexibility challenge will guarantee a quick but effective stretch every day!
You will find an increase in your flexibility and your range of motion.  Also, keep an eye out for a more positive mood and achieving deeper sleep every night. Stay consistent and you’ll be AMAZED at how you look, feel, and move through life.

Remember; the key to achieving the best results within your stretching is CONSISTENCY!