October Training Guides

Training Guides are Live

October training guides are being released today. Free for you all to do and practice together 🔥

It can be difficult to tetris your workouts together to create a plan that’ll help you train and meet your needs. So if you are in need of some guidance then turn to these monthly workout guides to feel like you’re on track to crush anything in your path! 👊

Download your guide

There is a guide for every membership tier and on the academy you can download the guide as a pdf. Every square is clickable and will take you straight to the workout for that day.

Follow along with the program using the calendars attached for a far-from-boring workout schedule that’ll keep you interested—and keep your muscles guessing. Each week of the monthly workout plan is totally different to help maximise your results and avoid a progress plateau. 🔥🔥

October – Flexibility

October – Martial Arts

October – Access All

Leave me a comment on this post if you have any training related questions, and remember this is just a guide.

Enjoy guys. Train Hard and Have fun!

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