Whether you’re an experienced Martial Artist, beginner or an instructor looking for new teaching material, this online kicking improver course is for you! Chloe will be teaching live, twice a week for 4 weeks with a different focus point each week.  Whether you are a white or black belt, you will really benefit from this course!

Side Kick

What to expect


Personalised training experience

I will assess every one of you individually, and design training plans for you all tailored to your needs and wants from what you want to achieve within this course.


Passion for results

I am so passionate about making this experience a good one. I will ensure that you all get the results you are wanting and enhance your kicking abilities through my tried and tested methods.


Constantly improving

Whether you practice martial arts for competition, for repetition of moves and techniques, or health and fitness, the principles I teach you will make a huge impact on your overall kicking skills.

An Insight into my Kicking improver Course

  • 2 live sessions per week with Chloe. If you miss the live classes DO NOT worry. Chloe will be sending out recordings to everyone to catch up and train in your own time. 
  • We will be focusing on different kicking applications every week. Basics, Speed, Height, Balance and control.
  • Overcome your fear of spinning or jumping kicks
  • Direct and powerful lessons that will teach you how to fix the most common kicking mistakes and give you the competitive edge for martial arts competition, or training.
  • Join a great community on the Chloe Bruce Academy with 24 hour access to replay’s and advise/tips!

What makes this course different than so many other martial arts courses?

You will be taught by Chloe Bruce! One of the Worlds best kickers to date! Chloe is known Worldwide for her amazing kicks and has such a passion for teaching and coaching.  You will also become a part of a tribe of martial artists all striving to better their Martial art kicks and become masters of the art on the Chloe Bruce Academy.

Who is this Course For?

  • Students who struggle to throw their kicks
  • Students who wish to learn how to apply more power and speed to their martial arts kicks
  • Students who lack flexibility and coordination and in turn jeopardise their kicks.
  • Kickers/instructors who want to get more creative with their training or teaching abilities and in turn apply more creative kick sequences to their forms/students forms.

Meet your coach

With decades of proven experience, Chloe is here to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

My Journey

In 1996, at 12 years old I was on the British team, competing at the World Championships in Prague. I had trained hard all year for the World championships, and went there with one vision; To make an impact on my Country and the World and prove that this ‘underdog’ was a serious contestant for gold. I performed my heart out, and ended up winning not one, but 2 gold medals that year. I was World Champion in Traditional Kata and Muscial Forms.

My knowledge

I have taught hundreds of thousands of people from beginners, to professionals, to actors, and actresses. I have seen first hand the problems that students have had to overcome and what it takes to train someone to World Class level. The information in this website was not a few years in the making, but an entire lifetime and I hope that by sharing my knowledge with you, that you gain results safely and efficiently!

ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

Have you wondered why you are just not making progress with your kicking abilities?
Chloe will have you kicking higher, faster and more skilled in just four weeks!