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Martial arts

Fully comprehensive online martial arts training programs to enhance not
only your strength and flexibility but also your speed, power, and
height of your kicks.
Train from beginner to elite!

Yoga & Flexibility

Expert-led stretching & Yoga classes that will help you achieve your flexibility goals today! Choose from a range of levels, all with easy to follow along, stretching sequences that will teach the importance of correct breathing, body alignment & flow. 


KICKFIT is a series of high-energy kickboxing cardio workouts with moves that cater for total beginners to the Elite. These classes will lead you through the workout challenging your limits and leave you with an enormous sense of achievement!

Meet Your coach

Professional martial artist & Stunt Women turned World Class Strength and flexibility coach. Click below to meet the Women behind the Academy and her vision to inspire and encourage other athletes around the Globe.


Beyond the physical aspect of the students journey, the Chloe Bruce Academy also reinforces the complete personal development of each student. Striving for an empowered mindset through focusing on the following concepts:

Dream Big. We only get one life so every single one of us should make the most of it. Through our Academy blogs, videos and social updates we’re going to help you to set high goals and have the courage to pursue your dreams!

When you believe you can do something it can make you unstoppable. We’re going to be the people day in-day out that believe in YOU. Your coach cheering you on. So stay connected and we will push you to success.

Perseverance is a skill every athlete must develop to have that winning mindset. This includes the perseverance to make it through challenging times, to further develop their training and to face life challenges head-on!
CBA will help you develop that transferable skillset by motivating you to continue moving forwards to endure until the end!

We’re going to be here to inspire you every single day. We will empower you with words that will ring so true that it will get the fire going inside your soul. The one that makes you believe you can take on the World. That fire that makes you feel like you can DO IT, because YOU CAN!

Humility is about staying hungry to keep improving. We will mentor you to remain humble and quietly confident in your mindset. We will coach you to become internally motivated, to seek to achieve greatness, and to satisfy your desire to keep growing.

Chloe is a badass! Her discipline is out of this World. She’ll get you to perform at a level you could’ve only dreamed of and she does it so respectfully. Before you know it, you are doing it!

Sylvia Hoeks – Actress, Bladerunner 2049


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