Offering you the chance to improve or start your kata journey today. Whether you have experience with Forms, or not, if you are interested in improving, or learning how to choreograph forms.
Then this course could be for you!

What to expect


Personalised training experience

I will assess every one of you individually, and design training plans for you all tailored to your needs and wants from what you want to achieve within this course.


Passion for results

I am so passionate about making this experience a good one. I will ensure that you all get the results you are wanting and enhance your kata skills through my tried and tested methods.


Constantly improving

Whether you practice Kata for competition, for repetition of moves and techniques, or health and fitness, the principles I teach you will make a huge impact on your overall performance skills.

Meet your coach

With decades of proven experience, Chloe is here to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

My Journey

In 1996, at 12 years old I was on the British team, competing at the World Championships in Prague. I had trained hard all year for the World championships, and went there with one vision; To make an impact on my Country and the World and prove that this ‘underdog’ was a serious contestant for gold. I performed my heart out, and ended up winning not one, but 2 gold medals that year. I was World Champion in Traditional Kata and Muscial Forms.

My knowledge

I have taught hundreds of thousands of people from beginners, to professionals, to actors, and actresses. I have seen first hand the problems that students have had to overcome and what it takes to train someone to World Class level. The information in this website was not a few years in the making, but an entire lifetime and I hope that by sharing my knowledge with you, that you gain results safely and efficiently!

An insight into Kata (Forms) Training

  • Kata is often described as a series of martial arts movements, in a pre-arranged fight against “imaginary” opponents.
  • The Kata’s beauty, rhythm and power depend on the following aspects: Correct use of power. Correct use of speed, be it fast or slow, and the expansion and contraction of the body. 
  • Knowledge of kata is also essential to understand how to generate power from hips and core as opposed to the legs and arms.
  • Physically the Kata develops speed, balance, posture, techniques, and coordination.
    Mentally, the Kata develops your concentration, attention to detail, awareness, and confidence.
    Spiritually, the Kata develops your internal energy and you’re fighting spirit.
  • When training your Kata, concentrate on these six areas: Eyes, Pace, Technique, Breathing, Kiai and Focus.
  • Most Katas begin and end with a block. This symbolizes the defensive nature of Karate training.
  • All self-defense techniques and applications are in the Kata. When you train your Katas for a long time they will reveal themselves to you.


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

You will embark on a 4 week course, to really open up your eyes into the World of Musical, Traditional & Weapons Kata.
We will work together to choreograph a form suitable for your specific needs and skill set.