Focus determines your Future

Whether you want to be an elite athlete, a CEO, a Coach, or a successful entrepreneur your focus determines your future. 

Your environment has to be right

Before delving too much into remaining focused,  I think it’s important to address that behind every success there has to be a strong unit or team. Without my parents, my coach and the team I have had behind me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. This is your inner circle, and you have to be in control of your entourage.  It’s all about finding the right balance and environment for you to be in. If the environment isn’t right, you will not be able to remain focused or grow.

The fight to the top

There are two main mindsets that people have:  
A fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

A fixed mindset is someone who is fixed on remaining how they are, very set in their ways and resistant in wanting to change or adapt in order to grow. 

Someone with a growth mindset believes they can be whatever they want to be.  This is done by putting in the hours and drawing up a plan for success!

So before we go any further, have a think about the mindset you think you have. Is there potential to shift your mindset in order to grow and evolve?

Re-focus your wandering mind

When someone tells me to focus, I can’t just turn on a switch and all of a sudden I am back in the room. The truth is, I am always focused on something, it just depends as to what has my attention at that specific moment. We are all the same. So it’s important to understand that you have the ability to control where you place your attention. Being ‘unfocused’ is simply a matter of your focus wondering somewhere it shouldn’t have. 

In sports, athletes need to pay total attention to their present circumstances. So being able to re-focus is the key skill here. It is so important that we learn to let go of distractions or mistakes, we re-focus and move on.

Below are a few techniques that really help me when I am training, competing or about to do a stunt. Feel free to try them in similar situations in order to re-focus on the present moment.

5 tips for shifting your focus

  1. Keep eye control. Notice where you are looking and never take your eye off of your opponent, your training area, or your target.
  2. Block out distractions. When I compete or perform I have the ability to block out all unnecessary sounds and distractions. For instance, if I am competing in musical forms, I have discovered the need to block out any other noise so that I can just hear my music, and my coaches tips. I also block out the whole audience so that nothing throws me off.  That way I can stay internally focused on my performance.
  3. Control your mind & body. Calming words can help you re-focus your attention. Whether you are calming yourself from nerves, adrenaline or being anxious, this will give you the ability to bring your attention and focus to what’s important. I do this a lot. I have an inspiring playlist on my phone, and would listen to it before I compete. It always gets me focused on the job that I came to do.
  4. BREATHE. If something has caused you to panic or lose focus on what you are about to do, then take a minute to breathe. When you are breathing, breathe consciously into your belly. Breathe in for a count of four, hold for four and then breathe out for four. This will help bring the concentration back and re-centre yourself.
  5. Visualise & Imagine. Visualise what exactly it is you are about to do, the way you want it to happen, and the end result. See yourself doing whatever it is perfectly (This can also be done in breaks in between your action or training) This way you are in control of your personal process and can change up your game if something isn’t working for you.

Focus on what you can control.

Control what you can control, be humble and be yourself. 
Don’t try to be anybody else. 

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