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The ultimate Warm up

This Ultimate warm up video, will get the blood pumping and prepare you for any workout coming your way!
What is a warm up?
A warm up is such an important part of any athletic event or workout.  By exercising or practicing for a short time beforehand will help reduce your risk of injury and the aches and pains that come with exercise. The idea is to increase circulation throughout the body, in a gradual manner. A proper warm up safely prepares the body for the increased demands of exercise.
Cold muscles do not absorb shock or impact as well, and are more susceptible to injury. The warm up in general is firmly established as a key to exercising safely and effectively. A warm up should be done before strength training, aerobic (and anaerobic exercise) and also stretching.

Benefits of warming up

✔ Increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles which prevents you from getting out of breath too easily.
✔ Prepares your muscles for stretching.
✔ Prepares your heart for an increase in activity, preventing a rapid increase in blood pressure.
✔ Prepares you mentally for the upcoming exercise.
✔ Improves coordination and reaction times.

Program Info:

Video Length: 15 minutes
Level: All levels
Expiration: No Expiration
Cost: FREE

Grab your gym wear, and I will see you on the mat!

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