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KickFit Free Workouts

If you’re running out of time to exercise today, you should probably just skip it, right? Wrong! You can really reap the benefits of working out with a session as short as five minutes. You read that correctly: five minutes
Benefits of regular exercise include everything from losing weight to getting better sleep & increasing energy levels. Keeping fit can also help tremendously with your self-confidence. So, shouldn’t anything count toward this goal?
When you feel inspired to move, try one of my free, quickie workouts here! These full body, booty & legs blasters will make you feel fab and get the blood pumping for sure!
Make sure you are warm before you take part in these lessons, if you need a warm up routine then why not try my Ultimate Warm up before you get started.

Example Class

Program Info:

Number of workouts available: 11
Video Length: 5-10 Minute Workouts
Level: Beginners – Advance
Expiration: NEVER
Cost: FREE

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