Daily Stretch Routines

These full body stretching routines are great for general wellness, flexibility, and mobility. Great for Stretching your whole body daily!


Daily follow along stretch routines to develop & maintain flexibility & mobility. Do you want to do a daily stretch but not know where to start? These guided stretching routines will only take between 15 -30 minutes out of your day, but give your body much more reward long term!
Stretching is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  It can improve your range of motion, flexibility, increase circulation, and calm your mind.
There are currently 5 full-body sequences available in this program, with more guided stretches being uploaded weekly.

Make sure you are warm before you take part in these sessions, and if you need to warm up beforehand, then why not try my Ultimate Warm up before you get started.

Remember; the key to achieving the best results within your stretching is CONSISTENCY!

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Whether you regularly workout, or have never stretched before, this program is for you.  Try to do one of these full-body stretch routines daily and focus on your breathing throughout. Correct breathing whilst stretching is so important. Work on linking the breath with each move throughout the sequence by following this simple rule: Inhale for length and extension, exhale for contraction and to go deeper within the stretches.

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  1. I enjoyed this program even though i completed just the beginner stage of the program so far. The way that you explained how to properly do each stretch is excellent. The beginner stage of this program definitely had me breaking a sweat but i enjoyed following along your stretching lessons. You’re an excellent teacher Chloe.

  2. Dear Chloe , are these Daily stretch routine programs going to be shown here for the next year 2022 ? and. the paid membership gives us unlimited time access right ? thank you !

    1. Hi Giancarlo, These are going to be here for 2022 yes, and if you have paid for the daily stretch routines then you have access for a lifetime. If you are currently on a membership system, then you have access for as long as you pay your monthly subscription. I hope this helps 😀