• 4 Lessons

    Flexy Flow Series

    This is a playlist made up of all of our live classes throughout September's Flexy Flow Series. A gentle full body stretch suitable for all levels. Join us as we move our bodies, in these feel good Flexy flows. Happening Live every Monday morning.
  • 5 Lessons

    Pose Breakdowns

    If you are wanting a more in depth breakdown of  individual poses, check out my pose breakdowns here. Breakdowns include variations and modifications for all levels.
  • 4 Lessons


    18 Minute follow along Foam Roller workout with PT Chloe Bruce. This video will show you my most effective ways to foam roll different parts of the body.
  • 1 Lesson


    20 Minute, restorative session lead by Yoga Teacher Chloe Bruce. Great for providing stability during the more difficult stretches.
  • 20 Lessons

    Spring – Stretch and Flow

    Get the structure & support you need to finally add Flow and movement into your daily schedule. Shake off your fitness plateau & beat the boredom of the same old training routines and kickstart amazing results & experiences in just 15 - 30 minutes a day with Chloe.

  • 13 Lessons

    Yoga Flows

    By taking part in the following classes you will notice much better alignment throughout your body, a more relaxed state of mind, the ability to improve your flexibility, and lower stress. These are just a few of the benefits of such an incredible form of movement.