Cancelling your membership

We’re so sorry to hear that you are thinking of leaving the Chloe Bruce Academy Members Account.

To cancel your account there are a few ways in which to do this, depending on how you signed up:

Website Subscriptions prior to 2023
Should you wish to terminate your monthly membership on the CB Academy, you will need to email [email protected] or message Chloe through the app/website at least 7 days prior to your monthly renewal date. That gives us enough time to cancel or amend your subscription.

Website Subscriptions from 2023
If you signed up to the Academy from 2023, you should have experienced our new sign up process and can view all orders, subscriptions and downloads in your account tab when you are signed into the Academy.  You can manually keep control on all of your subscriptions there.

In-App Subscriptions
If you subscribed through the app, your subscription is with that third-party (Apple, Google Play, Roku, or Amazon). 
Please see the app store where your subscription is managed for their specific refund policy and guidelines. We are not personally able to cancel your in-app subscription and we are not able to refund in-app subscription payments.

If you are undecided, we can help!

 We totally get that you can fall off of the training band-wagon from time to time, and let’s be real, we all have our up’s and our Down’s.
But we are here to motivate you and inspire you to stick at it, because we know YOU CAN DO IT!

If you feel like you want more out of the Academy or you are having trouble finding your way around, message Chloe within the Academy or email here. We are here to help and Chloe can always to a one to one consultation to advise you on the best way to train within the app and get the most out of the app for

Are you feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day? 

We completely understand that between family, work commitments, and social events, that being able to train may seem daunting or impossible to add to your plate. But don’t sacrifice the one thing that you may enjoy doing the most. Chloe has taken the hassle out of thinking what to do each day, by providing you with a monthly training calendar, so you just have to hit play and train. You will feel so much better for it. See Calendars Here: 

Finding it hard to make a routine?

Don’t try to overwhelm yourself with a new fitness regime that is impossible to stick to. Focus on trying to re-establish an activity habit and go from there. Small and often. You will notice a complete change within your mental and physical health.  

Feeling like money is tight?

We understand that every now and then, we may feel like money isn’t flowing to us. But at the Chloe Bruce Academy our memberships start at 0.60p per day. Surely, for that price, you deserve that personal fix in your life? 😀