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Are you looking to be more fluent with a Bo Staff? Learn more tricks? Or increase your Bo staff vocabulary? If so these lessons are for you!
This Martial Arts weapon is fun to learn and use and I will have you spinning your bo staff around like a Jedi in no time at all!

Below, I go through various tips and Tricks with the Bo Staff, which are suitable for all levels, so no matter how long you have been training you will find a lesson that will benefit you.

Bo Staff Recommendation: I get asked questions on what Bo Staff I recommend. I always use G Force to get my bo staffs, which you can find HERE. Mine is the Extreme Bo staff with Grip tape. They also make traditional ones, along with competition ones in many different colours!

Completing this SERIES will help you:

Who is thIS SERIES for?

Anyone wanting to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Bo Staff. Someone who likes a challenge, or wanting to try something new.

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Neck roll to whip

Want to learn this neck roll to Bo whip? Check it out now 🙂 Just make sure you have the space and room to move with this one! 😀 

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baseball swing combo

This baseball swing combo with the bo staff will certainly add an element of flair into your form. Learn this intermediate combination today!

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